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For over 34 years Atlanta Sunrooms Architectural Designs has turned patios and outdoor courtyards for restaurants into dining rooms.  Extended season rooms create an additional dining area for valued customers to meet with friends, business colleagues, and family to experience good times, with great food and drinks.  Restaurant owners realize their customers need protection from the elements of rain, wind, heat, and cold to have a comfortable a dining scene, in addition to being able to serve more customers and increase revenue. 

To increase usable days, restaurants can chose from covered roofs, three season or four season enclosures.  Many build additional courtyards with outdoor fireplaces and water features to add to the ambiance of the dining experience.  Good OL’ Days Irish Pub & Grill, O’ Terrills, Front Page News (two locations), James Joyce Irish Pub, Brewhouse Café, Tijuana Garage, and several of fast food chains in the early 80’s, are some of the local restaurants that Atlanta Sunrooms Architectural Designs has constructed enclosures for.  Professional restaurant owners chose Atlanta Sunrooms Architectural Designs for our ability to create a fine dining spot for their customers to relax and enjoy good food and drinks.

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