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Yard and garden structures are all about enjoyment. They help shape the character of a garden, provide a place to relax with friends, family on a weekend, or create a beautiful garden spot to wind down after a hectic day. The garden structure is often called the “bones of a garden”, and often becomes the focal point.  Other hardscape and plantings and greenery immediately and distinctively add character and function to a landscape.  

A garden structure can be a gazebo, arbor, pergolas, trellis, pavilion, Ramada, screened place, teahouse, porticos, entry, fireplace, lath house, garden statuary, planter, or retaining walls. Atlanta Sunrooms Architectural Designs, designs and builds gazebos, pergolas, trellis and arbors out of cedar, cypress, treated wood, vinyl and composite, aluminum, or steel materials. When designing a garden structure take design cues from the favorite details of your home’s exterior. Develop the structure‘s design as part of the master plan for the site. Include spaces for plants and other landscape features such as decks, patios, sidewalks, fences, outdoor kitchens, fireplaces, or water features. Outdoor spaces are more pleasing when there’s a clear focal point in view. It can be as simple as a bench or fountain, or as large and complex as a gazebo or pergola.


Atlanta Sunroom Architectural Designs yard and garden structures are not just nice to look at; they also can serve several practical purposes: a wonderful extension of your home, housing for a dining area, space for relaxing, warmth by a fireplace, and privacy. Trellis, latticed screens, and the vines and flowers that grow, allow you to enjoy your yard better by blocking views from neighbors or passers-by. Our classic arbors come as a stand alone or with gates, seats, fences, apertures, tunnels, pedestals, curved, or as front entries. 

Pergolas are the world’s simplest room addition; they can be free standing or attached to decks. Atlanta Sunrooms Architectural Designs can build a wall mounted pergola above doorways, windows, or garages.  Our pergolas can come with fences, trellises, or corner or curved tops. Elegant pergolas grace an outdoor kitchen or outdoor rooms for fine dining. 

Sit in a gazebo and take in a view on slopes, hills along a river, a creek, or other water features. Gazebos are typically built as free standing structure.  They can be screened or closed in for a three season environment. Atlanta Sunrooms Architectural Designs builds gazebos from cedar, redwood, cypress, treated lumber, or vinyl, for maintenance free living. Our gazebos are designed rustic, Colonial, Victorian, or Classic, with any roofing material to complement your home.

Trust in Atlanta Sunrooms Architectural Designs to design and install your backyard paradise garden.

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