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A three season sunroom enclosure allows you to use the sunroom approximately 320 days a year. The patio and deck enclosure will match any roofline by using conventional stick built or engineered roof with shingles, soffits and gutters to look like it was originally built with the house.  The patio sunroom walls are totally panoramic view of double-hung full screen windows with removable sashes, hinged doors with brass mortise locks and a deadbolt.  Elegant high cathedral ceilings with fixed glass triangular transoms in gable ends are available.  A patio and deck enclosure sunroom is a built in screen porch as well.  All flooring and electrical packages are available, and most of the time the enclosure can be built over existing deck or slab. Usually a three season sunroom is only 15% more than a screen porch but gives you 320 days a year versus 180 days with a screen porch.  A patio and deck enclosure sunroom fits most budgets to bring the outside feeling inside.

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