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Home owners have long appreciated the benefits of cooking, dining and entertaining outdoors. With the fresh air and the sounds of nature or the neighborhood, people find life’s stresses tend to melt away and the prospect of good food, friends, and family.   To ensure that you’ll appreciate your outdoor room for years to come make sure you chose a design and a designer with the experience to get the project completed and done right. 


The first decision is the location next to the house or some distance away from the house, along with the size and shape. Most outdoor rooms and kitchens are built on top of a patio made of bricks, tile, stone, concrete pavers, or a slab of concrete.  A common overhead protection for your outdoor room is a pergola, however, most homeowners choose to build rain proof roof structure that will blend with house to add value and style. Strong winds can disturb the peace and disrupt your dining and cooking experience, thus consider building a wall that will create a barrier.  Attractive barriers such as a fence made with lattice, spaced pickets, or a series of shrubs, will diffuse rather than block the wind and provide even protection. You can choose your counters, cabinets, storage and countertops readily made of outside natural stones, bricks, marble, or granite. Choose between a built in grill, or a stand-alone grill, gas or propane burners fueled to allow you to fry, boil, or sauté. A growing number of grillers believe that charcoal produces superior flavor, making a charcoal grill well worth the extra work of starting a fire. Smokers give smoked meat an unmatched flavor. Most smokers are stand-alone units, but we can install built in smokers. We can also make a full blown kitchen with a refrigerator, sinks and faucets, as well as ice machines.


Atlanta Sunrooms Architectural Designs, designers are experts in outdoor fireplaces with seating arrangements.   

We can turn that brisk evening into an outdoor den to tell stories, enjoy company and watch the stars while sipping hot cocoa.  Add a fire pit and recreate the same charm as a camp fire while heating your outdoor space. Let us finish your outdoor haven with furniture as well add color  with trees, shrubs, hedges, flowers, vines, turf grasses, and ground covers. Atlanta Sunrooms Architectural Designs can create the ultimate outdoor room habitat for you to enjoy all of outdoors while vacationing at your own paradise backyard courtyard.

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