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The sight of a beautiful garden pool, the sound of a waterfall, the touch of a water-cooled breeze; these are some of the sensual treasures that water features can bring to your personal home landscape backyard. Create a backyard oasis that has the power to transform the trials and tensions of the everyday stressed world into serenity. Water is an inspiring element that adds new dimensions to even the most modest garden; it is calm yet alive. Falling water provides subtle reflections and a sense of well-being that is hard to match in other garden features. 


Atlanta Sunrooms Architectural Designs, since 1974, has designed, constructed and built water features: pools, ponds, fountains, waterfalls, rills, runnels, rain gardens, bog gardens, dry creeks, water containers, waterless ponds, and streams. We can add seating, paths, pavers, bridges, piers, decks, lighting, pergolas, trellis, and other yard structures. For moist areas we can add flowering rush, water bamboo, spike rush, horsetail, yellow flag, Siberian iris, cattail, greater spearwort, water lilies, lotuses, floating plants like fairy moss, water hyacinth, lesser duckweed, water lettuce, submerged plants like fanwort, water thyme, Canadian pondweed, water violet and underwater arrowhead. We are the design experts for full water backyard vacation at home spots.

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